Create Loose Curls

In this post you will learn how to create loose curls easily.However, you will need a few things to start. These are basic requirements.

Three Requirements:Heat Protection Spray, a Good Curling Iron (a must) and Spray Wax.

If you are loving the loose curl look……. Before you start, you are going to need a few products like heat protection spray, a good curling iron (a must) and spray wax. After washing, blow your hair dry and get ready to get your pretty on. Read on for exact directions.

Spray a heat protectant on your hair prior to using any hot tools on your hair.

You can section your hair however you would like, pinning some hair up and away while you work from the nape of your neck up, or you can just pull hair from the back and work your way to the front.

The size of the barrel you choose to use as your tool will depend on the desired size of the curl, or “looseness” of wave you would like to achieve. The bigger the barrel, the larger and looser the curl.

Begin with 1 inch sections and insert hair into the open barrel (with the barrel at an angle), towards the top of the hair shaft (closer to the scalp and not the ends of the hair).

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