Voguewigs.com Announces the Raquel Welch 2011 Wig Collection by HairUWear

Voguewigs.com announces the Raquel Welch Wig Collection 2011 by HairUWear

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Santa Ana, CA (PRWEB) October 5, 2011

Voguewigs.com – Presentation of the new collection 2011 Raquel Welch Wig


announces the Raquel Welch Wig Collection 2011 by HairUWear. Just when we thought that this collection could not be better, it did! Raquel Welch brings nine beautiful new styles to choose from. Human pony hair tips. Front Wigs with hairline almost invisible to the face style is something casual and chic for everyone to choose With the introduction of these new pieces, Raquel Welch shows us that we forget the discomfort and take the easy way!

Raquel Welch wigs are designed with you in mind. Their wigs are easy to use, convenient and easy. Made with their construction Memory Cap II capless, they have a new stretch lace that is fresher and lighter than before. Not only are breathable clothing for the whole day, but to shape it to the shape of your head, giving you a custom fit every time. Thus, you will not only look great, but you feel your best with the seat more relaxed and comfortable in the industry.


Raquel Welch wigs styles are in pure pleasure. Depending on the nature of needs, all belong Sheer Indulgence monofilament wigs a kind of hand knotting – whether a monofilament top, partially or crown. Tops pure pleasure are hand knotted, one by one, you give the appearance of natural hair growth. This function allows you to frame and style of your new hair in any direction you want. You can use the left, right or in the middle! Parties pure pleasure for added parting options allow crowns and pure pleasure add a natural smooth contour of the upper part of the head. Could do better this wig? Hand mixed colors finalizing the perfect fit. Now you can feel like you get out of a room every morning.

offers in this new collection, Raquel Welch wig us eight new models and a clip in the game. From a boy with short spikes in work longer, cut lengths sultrier, there is something nice for everyone. Sheer Indulgence Collection of her, she brings us five new lace front wigs take realism. To a whole new level for lengths you take a look at Bravo, Limelight, magic and Encore. Bravo is 100% human hair for Limelight True2Life heat friendly fiber, which is designed to act and look like real hair, you can curl or flat iron by heating it to 350 degrees tools, and will again and Magic made with our exclusive VibraLITE fiber.

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wigs are now available in the building pure pleasure. Winner Elite, a new, separate shortcut elf handmade 100% for ultimate comfort leap light. Its monofilament top offers countless options and farewell with his forehead practically invisible lace simple, you have the choice of off-the-face style for a hairline quite realistic. For those who want a nice bob style you like the bottom of the chin length or less finesse shorter than the in-cheek opening act. Both stylish cuts to compliment any face shape. And finally, with great layers, razored and nearly 2 oz weight, you’re sure to shine in the spark of synthetic wig Raquel Welch Signature Collection.

If you simply want to change your look, but do not make the commitment to reduce beatings, Bang Raquel Welch human hair is the perfect solution. Clip this shiny new piece of hair clips 2 pressure sensitive mounting for easy and secure. Wasting more money into the living room and not spend more time if you want to push your shots! Bangs are the new trend and with the addition of simple hair, you can today! Apply the crack front or removed from the page. As this item is made of human hair, you can style just like your own hair.

New Raquel Welch Wig Collection 2011 with every woman needs is formed in the mind. The most natural look and feel of adjusting the lightest and most comfortable around, look and feel glamorous is easier than ever with Raquel Welch last 9 models. No matter what you see, try to reach Voguewigs.com consultant can help you with your new look. Voguewigs.com brings you the latest in style and comfort with the new 2011 Raquel Welch wigs.




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For more information about Raquel Welch and his 2011 collection of Voguewigs.com, please email sales (at) Voguewigs (dot) com or call 1-888-727-9447, or can also visit http:/ / www. voguewigs.com.

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