Simple Touch C30002 Auto Shut-Off Safety Outlet, Single Setting

C30002 Auto simple safety touch to stop output, single shot


  • set with just one touch
  • No dials to mess with

    save energy and, if you are devices

    ‘s all plug into oblivion with electrical apparatus and devices

    UL Approved Security

    Simple Touch Auto Shut-Off Safety Outlet C30002 single shot – 60 minutes. Connect the equipment into an outlet and the touch control how long they stay with the touch of a button. This feature makes it an ideal outlet for lighting around your home a curling iron, iron, coffee machine, hand tools, grilled panini and many other appliances. The output will turn off automatically if you forget! This product provides intelligence to your wall outlet. Say cheese


    List Price: $ 19.99
    Price: $ 14.99