Hollywood Curls – Hot Tools Curling Iron review & demo

Hello everyone

! As for all? Super good I hope! Sun Folica.Com contacted me a few question, if I were two control products. I heard a lot about the company ordered, but never heard from them so I thought, hey why not! They asked me to pick up, send a few products for them to me … sooo this is what I did! Here is my review on both products! In addition, a demo at the end, as I use them! I hope you enjoy! www.Folica.com www.folica.com I choose Hot Tools Pink Titanium 1 1/4 inch curling iron and Sedu Frizz treatment with argan oil! www.folica.com www.twitter.com / aebeidler www.formspring.me www.facebook.com WARNING 1100% honest review … I love these products! Second I’m not paid to this video or any other notation 3. I got it for free, but that does not affect my opinion :)
Note Video: 4/5