KAYLINE Topper with Appliance Holder for Curling Irons & Hair Dryers Electrified (Model: AH300E)

Kayline Topper with electrified Appliance Support for Curling Irons and Hair dryer (Model: AH300E)

  • electrified with 8 “Heavy Duty cord
  • Dryer Lasts 1 & 2 Irons 1.5″ diameter

    Organizer Heavy Duty Plastic

    available in Black

    Suitable for all Rollabout Kayline securley, station or counter

    Kayline Topper with device support functions: -. Fits all Kayline Flattop Roll-Abouts Fits any counter or station compact 9 1/2 inches X 13 inches Holds Irons 1 1/2 inches in diameter-electrified


    Price: $ 59.95
    Price: $ 32.95

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