Some Quick Tips On How To Easily Clean Your Curling Iron

Some Quick Tips On How To Easily Clean Your Curling Iron

With any form of body grooming the hygiene factors are very important, not only for your personal well being but also for the continual and extended use of the products that you are using. When you are curling your hair you will undoubtedly be using a set of curling irons, these can become very dirty and when you use them they will give off a nasty smell with any burnt on hair. There are a number of methods that can be recommended to clean off the hair, some of them resemble what may be classed as old wives tales but will work. Steel wool can be one of the most effective ways, just gently rub the iron with the steel wool and they will come up looking gleaming. Some of the other methods available include using lemon juice, the acidic elements of a lemon can be used to remove the burnt on hair. Or alternatively good old fashioned oven cleaner will remove any baked on hair from the iron.

It is not necessarily just burnt on hair that always gets stuck to the curling iron; you can also get any type of hair care product attached to the hot elements as well. To remove any unwanted products simply take a small piece of cotton wool, or a cotton wool pad and drop on some rubbing alcohol. Rub the solution over the surface of the curling iron and it should remove any of the unwanted grime. It is always very important to remember that when you are cleaning a hair curling iron do not complete the task while it is plugged in and switched on. Do not clean the curling iron while the elements are hot, this can lead to damage of the iron or you could easily burn yourself or the cleaning cloth onto the iron.

Hair curling irons are an electrical item and as such should not be exposed to any water; when you are cleaning do not immerse the product in water even if it is disconnected from the mains. If you get water on the irons then make sure you dry them quickly and do not use them until they are fully dried out. The easiest way to keep your hair curling iron clean is to make sure that you clean them after every use, the less you clean them the more hairs and products you will have on the irons and the less effective they will become. It is quick to clean them and if you do this regularly they should last longer and save you a lot of money, before doing any form of cleaning always make sure you read the instructions that are provided with your purchase. Most of the instruction manuals will provide you with information on the best ways to maintain the product and increase the life. Following any of the advice in this article should help with this process and will ensure you get the best use from your hair curling irons.

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