FREE Instyler| Instyler Reviews | Instyler Curling Iron Reviews| The Instyler FREE INSTYLER HERE: The instyler just might be the answer to all your hair problems. Are you tired of struggling with limp, fine hair? Do you spend too much time every morning trying to add volume or height to your flat hair? Perhaps you want to add a bit of flare with a flip of the ends of your hair that will last all day. Then you need to do a bit of research and hit the shops for the best deal in hair styling equipment in many years. The instyler tool works like an “extreme” curling iron and even looks like a regular curling iron barrel. In addition to the barrel, it comes equipped with a multi-bristle brush instrument. In place of where a regular barrel would clamp you find the brush instrument. When your styling tool is not in use, the brush and barrel can be separated. This amazing tool compares to the style you would get with a hair stylist using a blow dryer and round brush in combination. The particular type of style you can achieve with this instrument depends on the position in which you hold it. You can achieve a flip up, curls and even straighten curly hair. There are several benefits to using the instyler. It comes equipped with three different temperature settings. Use the high setting if you have thick hair as it will heat up to 385 degrees. If you have thin to medium textured hair, the medium setting is perfect for

This is my experience with the CHI flat iron and CHI Turbo Curling Iron. The guarantee states: Farouk Systems, Inc. offers a guarantee of one (1) year from date of purchase against defects cased by faulty material or workmanship. Not covered by the guarantee are steel parts, plastic parts, flex cord, as well as damages caused by improper handling. Sounds somewhat contradicting….you be the judge!
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